Dr Lani Watson

Postdoctoral Researcher

OCP Lani

Dr Lani Watson is a Research Fellow of the Oxford Character Project. A philosopher by training, Lani’s research focuses on the practice of questioning and the cultivation of intellectual character traits including curiosity, inquisitiveness, intellectual humility, intellectual autonomy and intellectual courage. She focuses on the role and value of good questioning and has worked with educators and industry partners across diverse sectors, including the arts, tourism and technology, helping students, professionals and teams to develop their questioning skills. Lani earned a PhD in philosophy from the University of Edinburgh with a thesis entitled ’Why Ask: The Epistemology of Questioning’. She has since worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing, at the University of Oklahoma, and as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, at the University of Edinburgh. She has published in numerous philosophical and interdisciplinary journals. Lani’s forthcoming book, The Right to Know: Epistemic Rights and Why We Need Them, innovates the concept of epistemic rights and, as such, lays out the social and political context for Lani's work on good and bad questioning practices in contemporary life.