Dr Roger Revell

Postdoctoral Researcher

Roger 2 min 2021 09 26 131947 kyog

Dr Roger Revell joins the Oxford Character Project from Cambridge, where he completed his PhD in the Faculty of Divinity. His research engaged with the early Reformed (Christian) thought on sanctification, as a resource for reflecting on our development as persons. Prior to his doctoral studies, Roger worked in the Anglican church (in Canada and England), in the business sector (in China), and, before that, had several years in electoral politics as a campaign staffer (in America). At the OCP, Roger’s research focuses on the sorts of virtues which are particularly important for those working in law and public policy. He is also exploring the reception of virtue ethics in classical Protestant thought and the relationship between early Reformed casuistry and the virtue of prudence (or practical moral reasoning). Roger is an active member of SST and EuARe. When he is not working, he keeps busy with his two young children (who are committed to his sleep deprivation) and attempts a bit of gardening with whatever minutes he has to himself.