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The Oxford Character Project are delighted to announce our postgraduate student programmes for 2020-2021. This academic year, we're offering two alternative programmes.

1. The Global Leadership Challenge (GLC) will be running in conjunction with the St Gallen Symposium and Alibaba Entrepreneurs fund from 1st-4th December. This programme brings together 90 students from Hong Kong, Oxford and St Gallen, Switzerland and integrates the concepts of design thinking and responsible leadership to consider major challenges of our time. We're inviting applications through the GLC portal from the postgraduate student network with a deadline of November 9th 2020. Applications for the GLC have now closed.

2. The Global Leadership Initiative (GLI), running through Hilary and Trinity terms in 2021 is a longer programme with regular events run by the Oxford Character Project team. It gathers a diverse group of motivated students, across disciplines to form a global leadership learning community. Benefiting from interaction, a mentorship scheme and a series of exceptional guest speakers, the GLI is an exciting programme focussed on the nature of global leadership and its design for the future. Applications for the GLI should be received by 22nd November We're holding a series of GLI information events throughout Michaelmas - click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity and sign up for an information event.

To apply for the GLI, please click here. Please note, you will need to use a link to your CV so ensure you are able to do this prior to starting the application (by uploading it to Nexus, OneDrive or similar).

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