Leadership for the Greater Good Conference

Pembroke College, Oxford, UK

Co-creating a global framework of leadership for flourishing

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Join us for The Oxford Character Project's first landmark conference since the easing of the national restrictions in Summer 2021.

This will be an exciting day to explore the latest research into what it means to be a good leader alongside some elite leaders and some of the foremost researchers in the field of human flourishing, with a focus on enabling people to flourish and thrive whatever the context. Together we will work to build frameworks that support leadership for the greater good and flourishing.

Both Dr Ed Brooks and Anjali Sarker of The Oxford Character Project will be speaking at this conference, co-organised by OCP, The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, Global Social Leaders and the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute.

Keynote speakers

Sir Anthony Seldon, former University Vice-Chancellor, educationalist and contemporary historian; Dr Matthew Lee, Director of Empirical Research at the Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University; Dr Edward Brooks, Executive Director of The Oxford Character Project, Oxford University; and others will all share about their research and experience.

The day will:

  1. Challenge current leadership practices
  2. Explore practical ideas to develop character, wisdom and good leadership
  3. Provide a forum to meet and hear from respected experts on leadership and flourishing
  4. Connect leaders from across a range of contexts and organisations who are committed to supporting their people to grow as leaders and to thrive as leaders
  5. Contribute to a global conversation on the development of a framework for leadership for the greater good that enables flourishing

Places are limited, so we encourage you to register either to join us in person at Pembroke College, Oxford or online, as soon as possible.

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