Application tips: The Global Leadership Initiative

What does it take to prepare a successful GLI application? Here are some guidance to help you write yours. Submit your application by 31 Oct 2021 to receive an early decision.

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We are delighted to accept applications for the 2022 Global Leadership Initiative (GLI), our flagship leadership development programme based at the University of Oxford. Running through Hilary and Trinity terms, the GLI brings together a diverse learning community of Oxford postgraduates to explore the nature of good leadership in the twenty-first century.

The application process is fairly simple and offers a fantastic opportunity to reflect upon what leadership means to you and how you would like to develop as a leader in the years ahead. You will be asked to provide your contact and course details, share a link to your current CV, and respond to the following short-answer questions:

  1. Whom would you identify as a good leader? Why?
  2. What do you think character is?
  3. How does character contribute to good leadership?
  4. Describe a recent experience of leading or following. How did it go? What did you learn from it?
  5. What are your career and personal aspirations for the future?
  6. What do you hope to contribute to the GLI and how do you hope to benefit from participating?

These questions are your chance to speak directly to us, showcasing your commitment to leadership development and to your active engagement with the GLI in particular. We encourage you to become familiar with our vision, research and programmes, and to use as much of the 150-word limit as possible for each question.

Please note that we are conducting research on the impact of the Global Leadership Initiative. By applying to the programme you will be signing up as a research participant. More about what that entails can be found here (the same information will be presented at the beginning of the application). This project has been reviewed by and received ethics clearance through, the University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee R72759/RE005.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line at We are looking forward to getting to know you through the application process. Best of luck!

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