GLI 2022 Student Highlight - Mohamed Baioumy

Mohamed Baioumy, GLI 2022

Portret 3 mod Mohamed Baioumy

Mohamed Baioumy was a member of the GLI 2022 cohort in the Business & Entrepreneurship stream.

Mohamed is currently pursuing a DPhil in Engineering Sciences at the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) and University College (UNIV). His research focuses on decision-making for robotics using probabilistic inference. Prior to coming to Oxford, he studied Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at TU Delft, the Netherlands. To study in Oxford, he received the 2019 Oxford-Ashton memorial scholarship and an EPSRC Doctoral Training Award (DTA). During his studies, he earned the GA Paul Memorial scholarship for research excellence. Next to his DPhil, he works on entrepreneurial projects for economic empowerment in developing countries. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, making music and playing sports such as basketball, rowing and football.

Mohamed was interested to learn that leadership started with the practice of virtues such as solitude, especially since when we think of leaders, we normally think of people surrounded by a large crowd. The GLI encourages students to learn reflection and self-awareness to help enable them to build a strong foundation to become a better leader.

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