About Us

We are a group of scholars dedicated to exploring character and leadership. Putting character first, we want to see our work help build a more compassionate, just, and prosperous world.

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Our work

Founded in 2014, our team combines expertise in programme design and delivery with academic insight from across disciplines. We seek to contribute to knowledge through journal articles, books and industry reports and we deliver character and leadership development programmes at Oxford and in other universities and commercial organisations. We are currently undertaking a major (£2.6m) research project on culture, character and leadership in organisations and business sectors. Funded by the John Templeton Foundation, we are seeking to identify the character qualities that are most important for leaders and understand how they are developed in relation to the moral and intellectual ecosystems of organisations and sectors.

Our leadership development programmes integrate proven character-based strategies to help students and professionals to navigate complexity and uncertainty, enabling them to engage challenges, lead across boundaries and contribute positively to organisations and society. Our core Oxford programmes are the Global Leadership Initiative, a seven-month extra-curricular programme for diverse cohorts of postgraduate students, and the Global Leadership Challenge, delivered in conjunction with the St Gallen Symposium.

Institutional support

The Oxford Character Project is an interdisciplinary initiative with a team of research fellows from the humanities and social sciences focusing on character and leadership in higher education and commercial organisations. We enjoy the support of the Faculty of Theology and Religion, which houses a major project on Virtues and Vocations, under the oversight of Prof. Nigel Biggar.

We work in conjunction with faculty members from the University of Oxford’s Social Sciences Division, Department for International Development, Saïd Business School, Oxford Internet Institute, and Faculty of Law. Our work is funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and supported by a number of other partner organisations.