Good character powers responsible leadership

Character enables leaders to join aspiration to action, furthering good in the world. Join a growing movement that focuses on character as the heart of good leadership.

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Around the world the need for competent, values-based leaders at all levels of society is evident. The challenges that face us in a connected and complex world cannot be solved by command and control. Now we need leaders who act on the responsibility to further the well-being of others, strengthen the communities and organisations of which they are part, and take steps to care for the natural world.

At the Oxford Character Project, we believe that good leadership entails a responsibility to support and empower others. Putting character at the heart of responsible leadership, we want to inspire a new generation of leaders, helping them to develop the moral and intellectual qualities to think with clarity, embrace diversity, navigate ambiguity, and persevere in the face of complex challenges.

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Leading with character

Intellectual virtues

In an age of complexity, good leadership requires clear thinking and the intellectual humility to judge what is known and unknown - to think and think again, consider different arguments, and follow data and evidence through to conclusion.

Moral virtues

Responsible leadership is built on a foundation of trust. This cannot exist without a strong moral compass, a sense of self that is grounded in honesty and integrity, and an ongoing commitment to put the interests of others before your own.

Practical wisdom

Practical wisdom is the skill of deliberation that helps us to see the bigger picture, reframe situations, and discern a positive way forward. It enables leaders to be adaptive and resilient, joining understanding and action to balance competing interests and priorities.