Janice Lovi

Oxford, UK

2022 Global Leadership Initiative

Janice LOVI Janice Fiawoyife

Janice is currently pursuing a Master of Public Policy (MPP) at the Blavatnik School of Government as a Commonwealth Shared Scholar. She is an internal medicine physician by training, who graduated from the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry. Janice is also a member of the West African College of Physicians and has been a practising physician for close to a decade. Prior to enrolling at the University of Oxford, Janice worked in a non-clinical role as the focal person for Differentiated Service Delivery for HIV at World Health Organization (WHO), Ghana. There, she coordinated and facilitated all DSD- related activities in the country. She is a fellow of the Young African Leadership Initiative and the New York University - UG Research Integrity Training Programme. Her interests are in health policy, diplomacy and governance. Janice is a member of Jesus College.