Miguel Angel Pelayo Serna

Oxford, UK

2022 Global Leadership Initiative

Miguel Pelayo Miguel Angel Pelayo Serna

Miguel Angel is a MPP student and Chilean lawyer, , with a keen interest in regulation, public policy and politics. Before coming to Oxford, he was working as advisor at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, where he had the chance to participate in the development and implementation of several policies in the fields of social security and the enhancement of working conditions and labour rights. More recently, he played an important role in the design of policies aimed at containing or preventing the effects caused by the pandemic in the labour market. In addition, he has worked providing expert regulatory advice to public and private entities, mainly in energy markets. Miguel Angel’s main policy interests are climate change, social security, and the impact of new technologies in our societies, particularly in the world of work. Along with that, he is an enthusiast of the energy transition, including policies boosting greener generation grids, and sustainable transport systems