Natasha Arroyave Monsalve

Oxford, UK

2022 Global Leadership Initiative

Natasha Arroyave Monsalve Natasha Arroyave Monsalve

Natasha is a diplomat pursuing a MCs in Migration Studies. She is a member of St. Anne’s College. In her home country, Colombia, Natasha studied political science with emphasis on international relations and then completed the Diplomatic and Consular Training Programme. Within her role at the Directorate of Migratory and Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs she advocated for migrant rights in regional and international events, did fieldwork in different humanitarian crises and conducted research on emerging issues to help shape migration policies implemented by the government. She specialised in child protection, family affairs and emergencies and disasters, focusing on the ongoing migrant crisis at the Venezuela-Colombian border.

Prior to Oxford, Natasha acted as a consul at the Colombian Consulate General in London. She had also worked a researcher in law and political science and as an interpreter in educational settings for migrant families in the United States.