Afro-communitarianism: An African approach to Virtue Ethics & Leadership


A recording of the OCP Seminar on 11 November 2021

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Africa’s current leadership challenge can be framed as a departure from well established, age-long indigenous models of virtuous and moral leadership. At the core of these models of moral leadership are systems of virtue ethics underpinned by a communitarian approach. Hence, this seminar explores the African virtue ethics tradition of Afro-communitarianism within the context of a Nigerian firm. It presents an empirically derived model of virtuous leadership that showcases how this system of virtue ethics drives virtuous personhood within a collective.

Speaker: Dr Adeyinka Adewale

Dr Adeyinka Adewale is the Deputy Director of Studies in the department of Leadership Organisations and Behaviour at Henley Business School where he is also an Associate Professor of Leadership Ethics and Entrepreneurship. Widely known for his empirically derived teaching, consulting and coaching practices, he delivers acclaimed keynotes globally on themes around leadership, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. He also publishes seminal papers in leading academic and practitioner outlets, including Sloan Management Review, Africa Journal of Management, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Business Ethics, and Forbes, whilst frequently contributing to published volumes with major publishing houses such as Emerald Publishing and Edward Elgar Publishing. More recently, Adeyinka established the Africa Social Innovators Network to provide high impact support for Africa-focused social innovators. He continues to serve on the board of exciting start-ups and charities in Africa and Europe, through which he affirms his dedication to contributing his expertise to Africa’s development.

Afro-communitarianism: An African approach to Virtue Ethics & Leadership (34 minutes)