Revisiting Ancient Strategies for Character Formation


A recording of the OCP Seminar on 28 October 2021

Sabrina Little

Dr Sabrina Little is an instructor of Philosophy and the Humanities at Morehead State University. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Baylor University in 2020. Sabrina's research focus is character education and developmental questions of virtue, with recent projects in philosophy of sports.

"I apply the resources of the classical tradition—poetry and gymnastics, the trivium, and the quadrivium—to examine recent strategies for character formation involving aretaic exemplars. I think there is forgotten wisdom here. We have a map of a productive pedagogical sequence of mixed methods in virtue education. For example, stories are paired with physical training. Virtue concept-learning comes next, and strategies involving imitation are adjusted as a student grows. I make the case that we should not think of virtue formation strategies as stand-alone tools, but as part of a broader narrative of training, suitable to age and building on the work of the methods that preceded them."

Revisiting Ancient Strategies for Character Formation (33 Minutes)