The Humility Gap Podcast


This 10-part podcast explores intellectual humility as a route to open-mindedness.

Host Bethan Willis introduces the podcast

How can we develop intellectual humility in the context of contentious issues both at universities and in wider public discourse?

Episode 1: Introducing the Humility Gap

Bethan Willis and Ed Brooks discuss the ideas and themes to be explored in this podcast series.

25 mins

Episode 2: Allesandra Tanesini

Bethan Willis interviews Alessandra Tanesini, Professor of Philosophy at Cardiff University.

40 mins

Episode 3: Cafe Chat - What does open-mindedness mean?

Bethan Willis talks to artist Anya Gleizer about open-mindedness across cultures, disciplines and professions.

25 mins

Episode 4: Cafe Chat - How do we live with difficult histories and disagreement?

Chelsea Haith, a Mandela-Rhodes scholar, shares her thoughts on dealing with difficult histories and opinions we disagree with.

20 mins

Episode 5: Nadiya Figueroa

Bethan Willis interviews Nadiya Figueroa former Director of Leadership and Change at the Rhodes Trust and a trustee of Jamaica’s National Education Trust. We talk about how character development can contribute to open-mindedness and the opening up of dialogue in the wake of Rhodes Must Fall.

30 mins

Episode 6: Cafe Chat - Uncomfortable Oxford

Olivia Durand and Paula Larsson speak to Bethan Willis about engaging with the difficult parts of Oxford's history in their Uncomfortable Oxford walking tours.

25 mins

Episode 7: Baroness Philippa Stroud

Bethan Willis speaks to Philippa Stroud, member of the House of Lords and CEO of the Legatum Institute. They discuss why trust, humility and other virtues are important for a flourishing society; why listening is a vital political skill and the importance of focusing on common ground in seeking to become more open-minded.

30 mins

Episode 8: David Goodhart

Bethan Willis speaks to journalist and author David Goodhart. They discuss how becoming aware of our tendency towards 'group think', evaluating our emotional responses and recognising the common humanity of our opponents can all contribute to the development of open-mindedness.

30 mins

Episode 9: Nigel Biggar

Nigel Biggar, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, ​talks to Bethan Willis and Ed Brooks​ about the changing nature of public debate as it relates to the University, the place of emotion and social media in public discourse and the role of humility and other virtues in mediating dialogue.

50 mins

Episode 10: Sarah Williams

Bethan Willis talks to Sarah Williams, Professor of History at Regent College, Vancouver. They explore whether the virtue of intellectual humility makes sense for women referencing Sarah's research on 19th Century campaigner and mother of ideological feminism, Josephine Butler. The conversation touches on themes of the academy, knowledge, power, freedom and feminism.

30 mins