OCP Technology Symposium: Character, Culture and Leadership in UK Tech Firms

Past event

A symposium bringing together leading academics and senior industry professionals working in technology.

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The Oxford Character Project is delighted to convene our industry partners and academic colleagues at this symposium on Character, Culture, and Leadership in UK Tech firms, scheduled to be held on 12th May 2023.

The UK’s technology sector is thriving, reaching a total valuation of over $1 trillion in 2022 and attracting venture capital investment that is third in the world behind the US and China. The government has seen the opportunity, championing new ventures and the sector more widely at the heart of the UK innovation strategy. However, while tech has immense power for good in society, the consequences of new technologies are complex, putting tech at the cutting edge of ethics as well as innovation.

Over the last two years, the Oxford Character Project has been undertaking a major research project investigating the role of character, culture, and leadership in the tech sector. The symposium will provide an opportunity for academics and industry leaders to exchange perspectives and research findings and discuss how firms might foster character and purpose in practice.

At the symposium, we will discuss: How should tech firms think about their purpose? What is the responsibility of tech firms and their leaders when it comes to aligning their products with the values and goals of society? What is the role of character and organisational culture in shaping the sector? How can firms enable people to develop and maintain character qualities that are important for responsible leadership?

There will be a number of interactive sessions on "Finding purpose in tech", "What does good leadership look like in the tech sector?", "Values in UK tech firms", and "Leadership, character and culture". We look forward to welcoming partners from across the globe, including:

Dr Matthew Dennis (TU Eindhoven)

James Munk (Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Culture, Arm)

Kate Adams (Partnerships Director, Forward Institute)

Dr Yin Lu (Global Head of Product, Artificial Intelligence, Cube)

Dr Jamie Collier (Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor, Google)

Ron Ivey (Humanity 2.0)

If you have any questions about the symposium, please contact us at info@oxfordcharacter.org.