An Oxford-wide conversation on Responsible Leadership

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If we aren’t satisfied with the leaders we have, what kind of leaders do we need?

What do we need our leaders to do?

Who do we want them to be?

These questions are the focus of the Oxford Character Project and an Oxford-wide conversation on responsible leadership that we are convening this academic year. We will discuss this and share more about our plans for the "Oxford Global Leadership Initiative (GLI)", an integrated research and practical project that you can be part of. Application for this year's GLI cohort will launch in early November. Learn more about GLI programme and past cohorts and see if this could be the highlight of your year in Oxford!

We hope to meet you virtually at the session and be a part of your leadership journey.

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Please note that we are running the session multiple times to keep the groups small and make the discussions engaging. Each of these discussions will be unique in its own ways, so there is no way to choose the "best" one. To keep things simple, just sign up for the earliest date that works for you.