OCP Academic Seminar Series (Hilary Term 2022)

Watch the recordings from Hilary Term 2022 Academic Seminars

This term The Oxford Character Project has been delighted to host leading academics from across the globe for interesting and informative seminars on virtues in a variety of sectors. These online events were well attended by students, academics and leaders in business, leading to lively and engaging discussions. The recordings of the talks are now available online for viewing and we hope that you enjoy them.


“Virtue in Finance"

On 3 February 2022, Dr JC de Swaan (Princeton University) gave a fascinating insight into "Virtue in Finance", laying out a framework for pursuing a viable career in finance while contributing to society and upholding one's integrity. Furthermore, he highlighted some of the unique challenges finance professionals face, from structural changes in the industry to cognitive biases. The recording of Dr de Swaan's talk can be found here: OCP Academic Seminar: Virtue in Finance.

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“Literature and Character Education in Universities"

On 17 February 2022, Dr Emma Cohen de Lara (Amsterdam University College) and Prof. Rosalía Baena (University of Navarra) joined for an engaging conversation on "Literature & Character Education in Universities". They discussed how reading philosophical and literary texts contribute to character education for students in higher education, proposing methodologies for reading texts in a way that foregrounds readers' experiences. Click here to view the recordings: OCP Academic Seminar: Literature & Character Education in Universities.

Amalia Amaya

“Humility in Law"

On 3 March 2022, Prof. Amalia Amaya (University of Edinburgh) gave a riveting talk on “Humility in Law", wherein she explored a conception of humility as a relational virtue relevant for all the legal professions, rather than simply an adjunctive virtue which favours judicial restraint. Prof. Amaya highlighted the critical impact of humility in excelling in legal practice and its centrality to professional development. The recording of the talk can be found here: OCP Academic Seminar: Humility in Law.