OCP Academic Seminar: Plato on dialogue as a method for cultivating virtues

Jonas Headshot 1

Speaker: Dr Mark E. Jonas

Mark E. Jonas is Professor of Education and Professor of Philosophy (by courtesy) at Wheaton College. His primary research interests are in theories of virtue ethics and their relationship to moral education. His most recent book, written with Yoshi Nakazawa, is titled A Platonic Theory of Moral Education: Cultivating Virtue in Contemporary Democratic Classrooms (Routledge, 2021). Another recent book, written with Doug Yacek, is on Nietzsche’s virtue ethics, called Nietzsche's Philosophy of Education: Rethinking Ethics, Equality and the Good Life in a Democratic Age (Routledge 2019). He also publishes widely in journals in the history of philosophy and in philosophy of education.

If you are interested to attend the event, please contact admin.ocp@theology.ox.ac.uk